Code Of Conduct

Officers Meeting Occurred Today, staff in attendance included:

Dexatrin82, Bodentin1st, dnpwwo, Avantas, Haggis, PanzerValkenJaegar and Nachtichi The Derpinator9000

Topics Of Discussion:

  1. Duty Of Officers
  2. Code Of Conduct
  3. Common Decency And Respect
  4. Recruitment Procedures and Followup
  5. Training For Newer Players
  6. Membership Participation Expectations

Duty Of Officers:

We are looking for a minimum of 3 days a week participation from our officers. There can be exceptions for extenuating circumstances or real life situations. We would like our junior officers to report to our combat officers and our combat officers to report to the personnel officer.  If it has to go past personnel officer a meeting will be called. Recruitment Officers will be their own entity answerable only to the executive branch in terms of procedure and policy. They may be subject to reprimand by junior officers and higher as needed depending on conduct. Combat Officers will have additional duties these will include, map strategy, training assistance, combat calling, combat caller training.

Each Officer Is Not Going To Be Available All The Time, as we have lives and jobs. We have these duties outlined so that we can share the workload. The executive branch are the signatories on the decision you make as a group, and we cant make decisions unless we are informed, please be sure to communicate using the chain of command.

Code Of Conduct:

There will no longer be immature conversation in public chat in games, this reflects badly on us and makes us all look like a group of howler monkeys flinging feces. Intra-Clan conduct will be conducted in a family-like manner, if you wouldn't say it to your brother or spouse, please refrain from using it against clan members. This all boils down to respect and common sense, poo flinging sessions can be had while still maintaining decorum as long as people maintain a base level of respect.

Common Decency And Respect

During training sessions, there will be no disorganized chatter while running a session. The trainer and his assistants should be the main voices and be listened to unless they ask for communications from the trainees. There will be opportunities for questions during training questions. Any non training related conversation can be kept till after the session is over.

Politics, Religion, and Parents are topics that are off limits in general company or chat. They may happen in private teamspeak rooms, however if they occur in a public location you may be moved to Parliament.

If you are having an issue with anyone that is causing you issues, PLEASE make sure you pass it up the chain of command, it is there to make sure that people remain civil to each other in public. This way we can remain looking like a civilized bunch of gentlemen.

Recruitment Procedures and Followup

Recruitment officers are required to maintain knowledge of new members that are joining, they are our ambassadors to new members. Our recruitment officers need to maintain conversation with our newer members and help them get into teamspeak. You are the ones that need to be platooning with the newer members and helping them break the ice in the clan. Try to encourage the new members to participate in clan activities, and utilize advice from higher officers in order to bring new members into the family. If they need advice on how or what to grind feel free to direct them to members who you know can help. 

If a new recruit has not passed certain thresholds by a certain time it is up to the recruitment officer to decide if the time is warranted to continue aiding the recruit. If the recruitment officer so decides ties may be cut and the new recruit may be cut loose or promoted. At which point he is no longer responsibility of recruitment officers.

Training of Newer Members

Where you may think of training as combat training, that is not what this is about, combat training will come in game. We are talking about how to train the new members to interact with us as a clan, as we are more of a family than an exclusive gaming group. We want you to teach our members that they can approach other members any time they have a problem even if it isn't game related. I want you to help people with their computer problems, their life issues, we need to teach the new members that the game itself isn't everything, there are real people behind those usernames.

Membership Participation Expectations***

We expect you to participate in Teamspeak and skirmishes a minimum of 2 times a week to maintain membership. We expect you to have a minimum of 2 tier 6 tanks and 1 tier 8 tank. If we make a tournament team, any members participating in the tournaments will be required to attend a minimum of 75% of the scheduled battles. Any clan member that consistently causes a tournament team to forfeit will be removed from the clan as that is a bad reflection on the rest of us.

***Free Tank Missions/Big Reward Missions May Void Expectations During Event Dates 

Please Communicate About Missions Thanks

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